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* 1. On Saturday, May 18, twenty of us will be leaving from Willow to go into East Garfield Park Chicago to prepare and serve dinner, lead a devotional service, and dialog with guests at a homeless shelter. This is a great family serving opportunity for you and your kids aged 14 and up. Meet at Willow over in front of the Activity Center (door F) at 4:30, be back by 10:00. Transport in Willow vans.

We are encouraging you to consider this serve because:
• It's a great chance to connect and go deeper with a number of your section mates
• Awesome chance to interact with and get to know some under resourced people in need
• Great chance to engage teenage kids in issues of compassion and justice (14 and up)
• Breakthrough needs volunteers to sponsor, prepare, and serve these meals
• It's easy -- show up at Willow at 4:30, be back here no later than 10:00 (we'll go in and back together in Willow vans)

If you'd like to check out the last one we did, click on the "Serving at Shelters" page on our website and watch the 7 minute video.