* 1. What's RIGHT with the Professional Skills Curriculum (you may wish to comment on the idea, range of topics, venue, timing, speakers, format, usefulness, passport, society funding tie-in or anything else you can think of....)

* 2. What can we do to make the Professional Skills Curriculum BETTER? (You may want to comment on the topics you'd like to see, the kinds of speakers taking part, the venue, duration, format, passport, society funding tie-in, marketing or anything else you can think of....)

* 3. How many sessions have you been to?

* 4. Were there any particular sessions you really enjoyed, and why?

* 5. Were there any particular sessions you really didn't enjoy, and why?

* 6. If you had to rate your Professional Skills Curriculum experience on a scale...

  really good good ok bad really bad
the quality of the session(s)
the usefulness of the topics to me
the timing of 6-7.15pm on a Wednesday
the 'passport' idea
the 'certificate' idea
the 'recognition event' idea for people who gain a certificate

* 7. Is there a topic we aren't offering that you'd like to see covered? (You can see our list of topics here: http://www.st-andrews.ac.uk/students/careermatters/professionalskills/)

* 8. Should we continue to offer the Professional Skills Curriculum next year?

* 9. In what ways, if any, has the Professional Skills Curriculum helped you?

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