* 1. Did you attend the Charter Class 40th Reunion in the Fall of 2003?

* 2. Are you interested in attending the Charter Class 50th Reunion on September 13-14, 2013?

* 3. Are you interested in joining the reunion event committee to help plan the weekend?

* 4. Are you interested in contacting fellow Charter Class alumni to promote attendance to the reunion?

* 5. Please indicate your interest in the following potential Reunion Weekend activities:

  Very Interested Mildly Interested Not Interested
Class lecture by Emeriti or Charter Faculty
Social time with Emeriti or Charter Faculty
Keynote speaker address
Campus tours by trolley
Interacting with current students
Interacting with current faculty and staff
Visiting the bookstore
Utilizing the Recreation Center (pool, gym, weight room)
Archives display
Art gallery exhibition
OU Athletics event
Round of golf at Katke-Cousins Golf Course

* 6. Is there any particular location on campus you are interested in touring?

* 7. First and last name

* 8. Phone number

* 9. Email Address

* 10. Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY)