2019 Alumni Team Survey - Background

Everyone's recovery journey is unique.  But what most of us involved with SMART Recovery share is the knowledge we have acquired from learning the tools that SMART has given us, to help us take control of addictive behaviors.

Once we learned these tools and began living a fulfilling and balanced life, our need to attend SMART Recovery meetings waned.  Whether anyone completely graduates, or simply no longer needs the ongoing support of regular meetings, is something that differs among each of us. What is true, and will always be true, is how important SMART Recovery has been to our lives.

The SMART Recovery Alumni Team is interested in starting an informal way for us to stay in touch with SMART Recovery, and each other, even after we no longer go to meetings, face-to-face or online.  Through the Alumni Association Google Group, at the Annual Conference, and in our local communities, we may find ways to get together socially, for ongoing support, to keep in touch and to help the organization thrive.   

Please take a few minutes to complete this survey to share your opinions about what being part of this association might mean to you, either now or down the road. We appreciate your thoughts, time and effort as we begin to build a lasting recovery community for people at all stages of their recovery journey.

All responses will be kept confidential.
PS. If you want to help get things started, please contact: alumni@smartrecovery.com


SMART Alumni Program/Group Committee
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