Children Adopted from China Tested For Melamine Exposure Via Ultrasound Survey

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This is a survey set up by parents of children adopted from China. We are not affiliated with any university, medical institution, or research institution. We are collecting preliminary data regarding results of tests on children adopted from China who may have been exposed to melamine. We hope that the information we gather may spur future research.

We recognize some children not adopted from China may have been exposed to melamine, but currently we are only collecting data on children:

1. adopted from China who may have been exposed to melamine; and,
2. have had ultrasound testing conducted to determine the presence of melamine stones and have received testing results.

This survey is voluntary, you may exit the survey at any time. This survey is anonymous, although you may choose at the end of the survey to add contact information if you wish to be included in potential future surveys or research. This survey takes between 5-10 minutes to complete.

* 1. Do you wish to participate, with the understanding that the survey is anonymous, the survey is voluntary, that you may exit the survey at any time, and that the survey is not affiliated with any type of university, research or medical institution?