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* 1. How do you usually hear about a new ISSP webinar?

* 2. How convenient is our usual date and time (Thursdays at 11am PT)?

* 3. Are the webinar topics most often relevant to your interests?

* 4. Are there any additional topics that would be of interest to you or your organization?

* 5. How useful is the recording and post-webinar resources?

* 6. Are the audio and visual materials of our webinars effective, including your ability to access the webinar recording?

* 7. What suggestions do you have for improving ISSP's webinars?

* 8. How would you rate ISSP's webinars overall?

  Not at all Extremely
Organized Material
Useful for my work
I learn a great deal
Current and relevant topics
Relevant to my interests

* 9. Do you have any presenter suggestions? If so, please provide contact information.

* 10. May we use your comments for marketing?