Two emerging paradigms in the workplace learning field are becoming critical to success---social media and full-source learning evaluation. Work-Learning Research's President, Dr. Will Thalheimer is engaged in a research project to uncover how social media can most effectively be measured---as it relates to workplace learning-and-performance. This research survey is part of that effort.

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SOCIAL MEDIA are technology-based tools that enable people to communicate with each other, learn from each other, and help each other. Examples include wikis, blogs, micro-blogging like twitter, social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn, etc., and the enterprise-focused analogs that organizations use internally.

FULL-SOURCE LEARNING EVALUATION is learning measurement that looks at all the factors that influence learning-to-performance results, not just the training factors that we typically measure. So, in addition to measuring learner responses, learning, performance, and results; full-source learning evaluation also measures remembering, prompting mechanisms, on-the-job learning, performance supports, etc.