ONA Convention - Call for Proposals

Lead Contact Information
Many presentations are authored by more than one person. Some presentations may be entered by a support staff member. Please use the following fields to tell us who the primary contact is for this presentation. The individual listed will be responsible for ensuring that all participants involved with this presentation are notified and that all credentialing information is submitted accordingly. Failure to comply with the requirements will result in the presentation being denied or terminated. The contact person may be one of the presenters as well.

* 1. Lead Contact Name

* 2. Lead Contact Email Address

* 3. Lead Contact Phone Number

* 4. Alternative Phone Number

* 5. Presentation Type
Please indicate which type of presentation you are proposing to submit.

* 6. Presentation Title

* 7. Name and Credentials of Author/Presenter(s)
*Please double check spelling before submitting.

* 8. Concise statement of content/subject.
In one to two sentences, please describe the subject matter you propose to present. Examples include: "Clinical demonstration of Injection for the Student or Returning Nurse" or "Research Review of Obesity in Oklahoma" or "Interactive Session on Patient Intervention".

* 9. Learning outcomes:
Please use words such as "identify, discuss, review, design, etc." At the Conclusion of the session, the participant will be able to...

* 10. Proposal Abstract
Please compose, review and/or paste your completed abstract in the space below. Limit your entry to 250-500 words. Be sure to review your work before submitting, please avoid spelling and grammar issues as this will be taken into consideration by the committee when reviewing your submission.

* 11. Presentation Experience
Please enter a brief description of the presentation experience of the author(s) who will be presenting if selected. Narrative or bulleted format is acceptable. Be sure to indicate if you have presented previously at the ONA Convention by listing the title and year of prior presentations.

* 12. Short Biography & Introduction of Presenters Statement
Please compose a brief biographical statement in the space below. If your proposal is accepted, this statement will be read to the audience as a means of introducing the speakers before the presentation. It should be as brief as possible, but it should also illustrate your experience, increase your credibility, and establish the presenter(s) as an expert on the subject matter.

* 13. Describe your group's Membership Status
Please let us know if you are a member of the Oklahoma Nurses Association, American Nurses Association or of an Affiliate Organization. Preference may be given to ONA members, so please be sure to note if any of the presenters are members.