UNHCR's Nansen Refugee Award 2017 Nomination Form

Each year, the Nansen Refugee Award recognizes outstanding dedication and service to the displacement cause.

Candidates may be individuals, groups or organizations. Every Nansen Refugee Award winner spends an extraordinary amount of time and effort to help the forcibly displaced:

· The winner's work goes beyond the call of duty and outside of normal activities;

· The winner's work demonstrates courage - the winner might at times face personal risk for his/her/their work;

· The winner's work should have a direct positive impact on the lives of forcibly displaced or stateless people;

· Is connected to a major displacement issue or situation.

Anyone may submit a candidate for the Nansen Refugee Award. We welcome the nomination of any deserving individual, group or organization. Please note self-nominations are strongly discouraged.

Current or former UNHCR and NRC employees are ineligible.

Selection process
The Nansen Refugee Award Selection Committee is an independent body which selects the annual winner. Please note that the selection process remains strictly confidential, and no information regarding the status of your nomination will be released. The 2017 winner will be announced in September 2017.

Nomination submission and deadline
Fill out the form by Monday, 8 February 2017. The strongest nominations will have detailed accounts of the candidate's work and strong references to back up the submission. For any questions, please contact the Nansen Refugee Award Secretariat at nansen@unhcr.org.

Please note that nominations received after 8 February 2017 will not be considered.