1. Excalibur Systems Customer Survey

In order to more effectively help you reach your avionics projects goals, we have put together a short survey that we are asking you to fill out. This will allow us to know where we should focus our development to meet your present and future needs.
Your cooperation is most appreciated.
Thank you in advance.
The Excalibur team.

* 1. Please fill in your contact information:

* 2. Which avionic communication buses do you use? (indicate all that applies)...

* 3. Regarding the use of ARINC-664 P7 / AFDX...

  Yes No Maybe
Do you use or plan on using ARINC-664 /AFDX in the coming year?
Would a product converting messages to / from AFDX be of interest?
Would a product converting AFDX to / from ARINC-629 messages be of interest?

* 4. Excalibur's MACC product can convert messages from a wide range of protocols...
If this type of product is of interest to you, which protocol would you like to convert and to which protocol?

* 5. Please answer the following:

  Yes No Maybe
Do you expect to use Ethernet with IEEE 1588 synchronization?
Do you expect to use 422 based discretes?
Do you expect to use wireless communications specifications?

* 6. If you have received Excalibur sales or technical support within the last 6 months, please rate the following:

  excellent good acceptable needs improvement bad
Response from our staff
Response given in a reasonable time frame
Our handling of your request or problem

* 7. If you have purchased an Excalibur product within the last 6 months, please rate the following regarding the purchased product.

  excellent good acceptable needs improvement bad N/A
delivery time
product features
overall service

* 8. What was the determining factor for purchasing Excalibur products?

* 9. Are you satisfied with our product(s)?

* 10. Which functions would you like to see added to Excalibur products?

* 11. Excalibur offers 1 day Training Seminars in:
MIL-STD-1553,  ARINC-429, AFDX / ARINC-664 P7,  ARINC-825 / CANbus, ARINC-629 & Ethernet .
Would this be of interest to your company and staff?

* 12. Please let us know if there are protocols or platforms that you would like to see Excalibur have on their board level products.

Any other comments would be appreciated.

Thank you for your time.

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