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Research Consent Form
Research Personnel
The following people are involved in this study and may be contacted at any time if you have any questions.
  • Anthony Scavarelli
    Principal Investigator
    Carleton School of Information Technology
    Carleton University
    1125 Colonel By Drive
    Ottawa, ON K1S 5B6

  • Dr. Ali Arya
    Faculty Advisor
    Carleton School of Information Technology
    Carleton University
    1125 Colonel By Drive
    Ottawa, ON K1S 5B6

  • Dr. Robert J. Teather
    Faculty Advisor
    Carleton School of Information Technology
    Carleton University
    1125 Colonel By Drive
    Ottawa, ON K1S 5B6

Project Title
Exploring the Use of Virtual Reality within Virtual and Real Social Learning Spaces 
  • Carleton University Project Clearance
  • Clearance Number: CUREB-B Clearance #111081    
  • Date of Clearance: July 4, 2019

The information on this form is intended to help you understand what we are asking of you so that you can decide whether you agree to participate in this study, or not. Your participation in this study is voluntary, and a decision not to participate will not be used against you in any way.  As you read this form, and decide whether or not to participate, please ask any questions you might have, take all the time you need, and consult with others as you wish.

Our primary research goal is to gain further insight into (1) what is the current level of interest and awareness on the use of VR technology for post-secondary students and instructors within social learning spaces such as classrooms and museums, and (2) what are learning opportunities and issues are currently present on the use of VR for post-secondary students, instructors, and developers within these social learning spaces?

Task Requirements, Duration, and Locale
  • Participants will be given an online link to the questionnaire (to be hosted on SurveyMonkey).
  • The first page will be the consent form that they must first accept (this will involve collecting the questionnaire data which will be anonymous and allow the researchers to use the data collected within publications).
  • If the consent form is accepted, they will be asked to fill out a ~10-15 minute long questionnaire.
Waiver of Rights
By signing this form, you are not waiving any rights or releasing the researchers from any liability.

Right to Withdraw

Your participation is entirely voluntary. If you do not press the final submit button on the online survey (i.e. do not complete survey) no data will be saved. Due to the anonymous nature of the data collected if the survey is completed and submitted data cannot be removed.

There is no compensation, and participation is completely voluntary. We hope that your contribution can help gain greater insight into how VR in social learning spaces is and can be used.

We will treat your personal information as confidential, although absolute privacy cannot be guaranteed.  No information that discloses your identity will be released or published without your specific consent.  Research records may be accessed by the Carleton University Research Ethics Board in order to ensure continuing ethics compliance.
The results of this study may be published or presented at an academic conference or meeting, but the data will be presented in a way such that it will not be possible to identify any participants.
Your questionnaire data will be stored and protected by SurveyMonkey, on servers located in San Mateo, California, but may be disclosed via a court order or data breach.
Data Retention
Once the project is completed, all research data will be kept for 2 years and potentially used for other research projects on this same topic.  At the end of 2 years, any digital copies of raw data files will be securely destroyed (only non-identifiable aggregate data used within any publications will remain).

Project Updates
To follow the progress of this and related studies please refer to the researcher’s personal webpage where publications, workshops, and presentations are listed:  

Ethics Review
This study has received clearance by the Carleton University Research Ethics Board-B. If you have any ethical concerns about this study, you may contact:
  • The Carleton University Office of Research Ethics
    511 Tory Building
    Carleton University
    Ottawa, Ontario K1S 5B6

Question Title

* 1. Statement of Consent
I have read the above form and understand the conditions of my participation. My participation in this study is voluntary, and I understand that if at any time during the online questionnaire I wish to leave the experiment, I may do so without having to give an explanation and with no penalty whatsoever. Furthermore, I am aware that the data gathered in this study are confidential and anonymous with respect to my personal identity.

I voluntarily agree to participate in this study.

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