In an effort to further improve our services, the Bowling Green Fire Department has created a customer satisfaction survey to learn how we can better serve the citizens of Bowling Green.

If you have recently received service from the Bowling Green Fire Department, please take a moment to fill out the survey. If you wish to be contacted by the Bowling Green Fire Department regarding your comments on the survey, please include your contact information in the comments section of the survey. If your need is immediate, please contact the Bowling Green Fire Department at 270-393-3120.

* 1. Name; Date; Inspection Address

* 2. Was the inspector prompt?

* 3. Did the inspector make a clear and courteous introduction?

* 4. Did the inspector explain why they were there and what they were going to do?

* 5. Did the inspector explain any violations found, and why they need to be corrected?

* 6. Did the inspector make recommendations to help you meet the requirements of the code?

* 7. After your inspection did you know what to do?

* 8. Could you read and understand the inspection report?

* 9. Was the time frame you were given to fix any violations adequate?

* 10. Were you dis-satisfied with our service in any way? If yes what and why? COMMENTS SECTION

* 11. Taking everything into account, how would you rate our customer service?

  Excellent Good Fair Poor
Choose one

* 12. COMMENTS: Please feel free to share any information you feel would be important.