The Shannex Care Innovation Excellence Award is bestowed upon an individual or project team that demonstrates a creative approach to improving a care practice. The successful party is one who identified a care concern at an individual/neighborhood/facility/campus level and implemented a change in care practice that lead to improved client outcomes. The innovation has the ability to be shared and replicated at other sites.

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2020 Excellence Awards Nomination Form:

Nominator Testimonial: In this section, we ask you the Nominator to please describe why in your opinion the nominee is deserving of the award. Ensure that your content describes how the nominee lives our core values when it comes to service excellence. Be sure to use specific examples as the selection committee will exclusively use the content of the nomination to select winners. The values and sample criteria are available on the next page.

Supporting Testimonials: This section helps build a case to support your nomination. Testimonials can be from Managers, Co-Workers, Residents, or direct reports and should be specific examples around why the nominee is deserving of recognition.