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What is Philanthropy Day?

Philanthropy Day is a program of the Idaho Nonprofit Center that was revitalized in 2017 in partnership with the Idaho Community Foundation, Association of Fundraising Professionals, and the Idaho Women’s Charitable Foundation to recognize and celebrate the philanthropic contributions of individuals and organizations across Idaho. In 2020, we formed a new partnership with Serve Idaho and the Brightest Star Awards. We are joining efforts to celebrate Idaho’s philanthropic spirit with a new award category directly highlighting the volunteerism of adult Idahoans. 
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Philanthropy Day encompasses the spirit of community involvement, celebrates generosity, and promotes the welfare of others. 

Philanthropy Day Award Categories
Outstanding Philanthropic Company/Foundation: An outstanding company/foundation that demonstrates a strong commitment to leadership in philanthropy and brings philanthropic work, including volunteerism to the core of its mission.

Outstanding Nonprofit: A nonprofit that is an innovative leader in its field, is vocal and visible in their field, collaborates with other organizations and sets an example for others.
*Note: We will seek to recognize nominees of different sizes (small, medium, and large) in this category.

*Outstanding Adult Philanthropist: An individual adult (21 years and older) who has demonstrated exceptional leadership in philanthropic efforts and/or projects benefiting charitable organizations.

*Outstanding Adult Volunteer- Brightest Star: An individual adult (21 years and older) who has demonstrated exceptional leadership through a significant amount of service and volunteerism in their community.
*Outstanding Youth Philanthropist: An individual youth (under 21 years) who has demonstrated exceptional leadership in philanthropic efforts,including volunteerism, and/or and/or projects benefiting charitable organizations. 

Outstanding Philanthropic Media/Marketing Company: An outstanding media/marketing company that demonstrates commitment to the profession, knowledge of the industry, and leadership capabilities. This company brings philanthropic work to the core of their mission.

*These awards exclude the paid president, CEO and/or executive director of a nonprofit organization. 
Philanthropy Day Nomination Guidelines
Nominations close July 19, 2021

Selection Process: 

Any individual or organization may submit nominations for one or more award(s). To submit more than one nomination, you will have to submit this form more than once. The application must be completed in its entirety to be considered.

Previous winners/honorees cannot be honored within three (3) years of their most recent Philanthropy Day recognition. View the previous honorees.

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