Thank you for your commitment to supporting Arts and Culture in Savannah and beyond! This questionnaire, a collaboration between Bigger Pie Arts Advocacy, the Arts and Culture Alliance of Chatham County, Americans for the Arts' Arts Action Fund, ArtsGeorgia, and other arts and culture organizations and independent artists, is designed to give you the opportunity to inform the community about where you stand on issues important to this large constituency.

Responses received will be collected, compiled, and shared with voters to educate them about your arts and culture platform or position. It is respectfully requested that you return your response no later than October 8th to give the local arts and culture community time to provide helpful feedback, and to give you plenty of time to address any questions or concerns that may arise.

Publication and promotion of your response will begin with the start of early voting period through Election Day.

We know your time is valuable and appreciate your efforts to inform the arts and culture community of your positions.

If you have questions, please direct them to me, Rob Hessler, at this email or feel free to call me at 213-454-1363.

With gratitude,

Rob Hessler, Executive Director, Bigger Pie Arts Advocacy
Patrick Kelsey, Executive Director, Arts and Cultural Alliance of Chatham County
Kristopher Monroe, Vice-Chair Savannah-Chatham Historic Site & Monument Commission
Gretchen Hilmers, Social Media Coordinator, ARC Savannah
Peter Roberts, Location Gallery

-Dare Dukes, Executive Director, Deep Center
-Patt Gunn, The Center for Jubilee, Reconciliation & Healing
-Jerome Meadows, Internationally Recognized Artist
-Gale Steves, ARC Savannah
-Suzanne Jackson, Artist
-Clinton Edminster, Chairman, Starlandia Foundation
-Philip Davis, The Indigos
-Rachel Reese, Curator
-Lillian Grant-Baptiste, Transformational Speaker & Master Storyteller
-Molly Lieberman, Loop It Up
-Susan Laney, Laney Contemporary
-William Kwamena-Poh, Artist
-Coco Papy, Community Organizer
-Brea Cali, Andraka Cali
-Sam Williams, Cedar House Gallery
-Laiken Love - Singer/Performer
-Carmen Aguirre, Director, Grand Bohemian Gallery
-Leslie Lovell, Gallery Director, Roots Up
-Kareem McMichael, Karmac Productions
-Tiffani Taylor, Tiffani Taylor Gallery and Savannah Art Walk
-Beth Logan, Hospice Gallery
-Odd Lot Improv
-Savannah Shakes
-Dana Richardson, Kobo Gallery
-Brian MacGregor, Owner, Gallery at City Market
-Tatiana Von Tauber, Owner, The Studio School
-Molly Hayden, Columnist, Art Scene: Savannah Morning News
-Rachael Flora, Arts Writer
-Amy Condon, The Refinery, A Writing Studio
-Bay Street Theater
-Front Porch Improv


Arts and Culture includes, but is not limited to, museums and collections (historical society, museums, zoos, and botanical), performing arts (music, dance, theater), visual arts (painting, drawing, sculpture, textile arts, photography, services, and crafts), festivals & fairs, public art programs, arts education programs, arts centers, and other arts-related services and facilities.

Enterprise is defined as a sole proprietorship or any small business with one employee or more formed as either a for-profit or a not-for-profit.

Industry is defined as all arts and culture enterprises.

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* 1. Please enter your name and contact information below

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* 2. How many arts and culture-related activities have you attended, participated in, or otherwise supported in the last year?

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* 3. Other tourist driven cities that are similar in size to Savannah have implemented plans that strengthen their cultural communities. Do you have a plan to help grow and strengthen the arts and cultural fabric of Savannah?

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* 4. Public-private partnerships with arts and culture enterprises have been a necessary means to keep arts and culture within communities, but this model is not reliable or sustainable. 

If elected, what programs would you help enact to shift this paradigm?

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* 5. Industries such as retail, manufacturing, tourism, etc. are offered business development and retention incentives. Should arts and culture enterprises receive the same access to the government funded resources; promotional funds, services, direct funding, investments; as well?

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* 6. What is your position of not-for-profit arts and culture enterprises, inclusive of all-volunteer enterprises, being provided government services, incentives, funding, and investments?

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* 7. Even when municipalities have functional, robust funding plans for arts and culture, too often the bulk of funding is directed to large institutions rather than to a diverse pool of recipients representing the whole community. What is your plan to ensure an equitable distribution of revenue and other resources to arts and culture organizations and individual artists?

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* 8. What message do you want to share about why you are the best candidate for arts and culture in Savannah?

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