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* 1. Please share with us, who you are:

* 2. Social Media Handles (Names)

* 3. What Skills, Products and or Services does your Company/Organization Provide?

* 4. Which Sub-Committee Will You Be Interested in Joining?

* 5. By submitting this profile, I acknowledge that I understand my role as a partner on the Program Coordinating Committee (PCC) is to assist in securing commitments from public and private resources to operate the FSS program, develop and or strengthen the FSS strategic action plan and provide technical assistance/advice as to the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats(SWOT) that exist within the plans implementation process .  

I understand that my role as a PCC Partner is strictly voluntary and in no way obligates myself or my company to specific resources.  I further understand that the ARHA FSS staff has the right within its sole discretion to remove any member it deems appropriate for any reason.

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