What do you want to read this year?

I have been seriously overwhelmed by the number of people interested in joining this book club! Therefore, I've decided it's just not fair for me to get to choose all of the books. Please write in five different books (title and author) that you would like to read in 2015.

Try to limit yourself to classics (a vague term, I know, but just go with your gut!), and I obviously won't mind if you happen to pull book ideas from my Classics Club list.

This survey will close on Wednesday, February 4th, and I will post the new book club schedule on the blog that next Monday, February 9th.

* Which book would you most like the book club to read in 2015?

* Choose four other books that you would like us to read this year.

* Any other comments, questions, or ideas about book club?

* Want to keep in touch? (Especially any fellow bloggers out there!)