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Thanks for picking up this survey. Because we value your library experience, we are attempting to assess your opinion regarding the state of adult-level programming at the library. Please take your time filling out the following questions and know that what you say is confidential and that it will make a difference in our ability to better serve you and fellow library customers.

* 1. Which Sacramento Library Branch do you use most often?

* 2. Have you ever attended a program for adults at a Sacramento Public Library branch?

* 3. If so, what are the best programs you've seen and at which branch(es) did you see them?

* 4. What programs have you NOT seen that you'd like to see the library deliver?

* 5. In what ways have you typically found out about programs at the library?

* 6. Which day(s) of the week would you prefer programs for adults be held, and at what times?

  Before Noon Afternoon Evening (5 pm to closing)

* 7. What age group do you fall into?

* 8. Please use this space to add any ideas or suggestions that might help the Sacramento Public Library better its Adult-level programming.