The Ayer Cultural Council (ACC) is collecting opinions to help us set our funding priorities for the next few years. Please take a moment to complete this survey.

Hard copy surveys are available at Town Hall at the Board of Selectman's office. Please submit your survey by August 15, 2014.

Thank you.

The Massachusetts Cultural Council awarded $4,250 to Ayer for 2014. We’d like to know your thoughts on the 11 programs that received grant funding this year.

Question Title

* 1. Which of the following programs funded this year did you attend or use?

  Attended the program
and liked it

Attended the program
but wouldn't again

Was aware of
the program
but did not attend
Was not aware
of the program
Audio Journal, Cultural Enlightenment Initiative
This Land is Your Land Song Celebration by D. Bates
American Revolutionary War Hands on History by D. Cromier
Fitchburg Art Museum 79th Regional Exhibition of Art & Craft
Fruitlands Museum Centennial Anniversary Program
The Magic Potter's Wheel by R. Hamelin
Bach's Lunch Concert Series at Indian Hill Music
Sublime Sunflowers Pasel Paint Like the Masters by G. Maichack
4th of July & Winter Concerts performed by Nashoba Valley Concert Band
The Marble Collection
Children's Songs and Singing Games Family Concert by R. Tincknell