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Any time I mention Harry's name to someone - no matter the context - the immediate response is always something to the tune of "Oh! I love Harry!" Harry is extremely observant, wickedly smart and gives the best hugs of anyone in law school. He tends to work WAY too hard (even by law student standards), but if you can catch him on a rare break, it is delightful to watch his face light up by the thought of sushi or frozen yogurt or some other well-deserved treat. --- Harry I suppose will make an amazing lawyer because he has an uncanny ability to argue, hypothesize or wax eloquently and convincingly (and endlessly) about even the most arcane of subjects. He also has an incredible mind for puns and can knock out a sudoku puzzle faster than anyone I've ever seen. -- More importantly, Harry came to law school for a couple reasons - because he was intellectually bored with his previous job in computer programming and because he wanted to make a positive impact on some corner of the world. He hasn't lost his idealism and I am so excited to watch where his second career will take him.