1. Survey Questions

Please take a minute to answer six short questions for a survey about the KNBA series on Climate Change and Alaska Natives that aired on KNBA in May 2012 and was featured on the KNBA website.Your input will help evaluate the impact of the programs. This survey is completely anonymous and absolutely no personal information will be collected or used.

* 1. How do you usually listen to KNBA programs?

* 2. Have you heard any of the special KNBA news features on the topic of Climate Change and Alaska Natives? These included morning and afternoon news reports on KNBA, the monthly KNBA affairs program "Our Alaska" and the May 28th program of Native America Calling.

* 3. If you have heard any of the KNBA features on Climate Change and Alaska Natives, did they increase your knowledge and understanding of the topic?

* 4. What is your ethnic background?

* 5. If you answered "Alaska Native" to the prior question, are you a shareholder or descendant of an Alaska Native Regional Corporation? Which One?

* 6. Do you have any other comments for us?