Survey Questions

Please take a minute to answer a few short questions about KNBA’s broadcast coverage of the 2017 Alaska Federation of Natives (AFN) Convention. Your input will help evaluate the impact of these broadcasts. This survey is completely anonymous and absolutely no personal information will be collected or used by us or anyone else.

* 1. How much of the KNBA-FM broadcast coverage of the 2017 AFN Convention did you listen to, or do you plan to listen to?

* 2. How did you hear KNBA's broadcasts from the 2017 AFN Convention? (Check all that apply)

* 3. Do you feel that KNBA's AFN coverage increased your understanding of the issues that concern Alaska Native families and communities today?

* 4. What do you enjoy or appreciate most about KNBA's 2017 AFN Convention Coverage?

* 5. Can you think of a way that KNBA can improve our AFN Convention coverage next year?