AAUP informational picketing

All AAUP bargaining unit members,

The Action Committee is preparing for two days of informational picketing on the Lawrenceville and Princeton campuses.  The AAUP is not going on strike at this time!  The negotiating team believes that we need to show the Administration that we are united against their irresponsible proposals that will destroy Rider. We plan to picket on Sunday, September 3rd (freshmen move-in day) and Monday, September 4th (upperclassmen move-in day).  I am asking that each member sign up for one four hour shift on each day.  The shift you sign up for now will not affect the preference you already specified in case of an actual strike.   I know this is a holiday weekend, but the fate of Rider is in our hands and your willingness to sacrifice for the greater good. Let's make a statement by all turning out to show the students and parents that what the Administration is doing is hurting Rider.  

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* 1. Name:

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* 2. I will Join my colleagues for informational picketing on Sunday, September 3rd for one of the following shifts.

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* 3. I will join my colleagues for informational picketing on Monday, September 4th for one of the following shifts.

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* 4. On which campus would you prefer to picket?

Please arrive wearing your AAUP t-shirts.  If you do not have one, they will be available that day.  

This informational picket will be discussed in more depth at the AAUP Chapter meeting on August 31st at 12pm in the BLC Theater.