IOC Capacity Development Needs Assessment Survey

Capacity Development (CD) is an essential tenet of IOC’s mission. It enables all Member States to participate in and benefit from ocean research and services that are vital to sustainable development and human welfare on the planet. The vision contained in the IOC Capacity Development Strategy 2015-2021 identifies capacity development as the primary catalyst through which IOC will achieve its four high level objectives in the current 2014–2021 IOC Medium-Term Strategy.

This Capacity Development Needs Assessment Survey is organised by the IOC Group of Experts on Capacity Development and is designed to assess the capacity development requirements of member countries, specifically Small Island Developing States (SIDS) and Least Developed Countries (LDCs), in order to contribute to the implementation plan (under development) of the IOC CD Strategy, 2015-2021 ( 

By completing this survey you will be contributing to assessing your country’s capacity development needs in ocean science related issues. In addition, the information gathered by this survey will contribute to addressing capacity needs related to the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development.
This survey is open to all national stakeholders in ocean research, observation, data/information management, coastal area-based management and policy including private sector.  In particular:
1.     IOC contacts (IOC focal point, IOC CD focal point)
2.     Ocean researchers and research service providers (including heads of institution, data centre staff)
3.     Academic staff (Higher Education Institution  lecturers as well as Learning Services Provider staff)
4.     Students (at Higher Education Institution)
5.     Local Government officials (including councils, national park authorities)
6.     National Government officials
7.     Policy makers (senior government officials)
8.     Industry (using, extracting  and/or developing ocean resources)
9.     Private sector operating in coastal zone (e.g. hoteliers, developers)
10.   NGOs (environmental)

You can fill the survey either as an individual (reflecting your views) or as a representative of your institution/organization/company. You will be asked to indicate this.
Please feel free to inform colleagues within or outside your institution (members of the above stakeholder groups) on the survey and invite them to fill it. The more responses we receive, the more objective and representative picture will be obtained regarding needs in ocean related capacity development in IOC Member States.
The survey should be filled online but you can download the survey as a PDF in order to consult with colleagues if you are planning to respond as a representative of your institution or country.
The survey is composed of 5 sections:
Section 1: Information on the person who filled the survey: to be filled by all
Section 2-5 : Capacity development needs assessment: for each stakeholder group specific questions will be asked
For any additional questions or guidance please contact Mr Peter Pissierssens ( or Ms. Johanna Diwa (

We thank you in advance for taking the time to complete this survey. Your feedback is important to us in how we can answer you/your country’s needs in Capacity Development. This survey should take about 20 minutes to complete.