Ross Leighton MD

The main goal of this study is to establish “best practise” for femoral neck fracture follow up once ORIF has been performed via an open or closed technique.
Surgically fixed femoral neck fractures (Closed or open) still have many potential long term complications including avascular necrosis, non-union, mal-union and arthritis.
This accounts for the high reoperation rates on these patients of 35% to 50% within 6 months to 2 years.
Most predominant texts of the day recommend at least 2 years of follow up for each patient who undergoes a femoral neck fracture and fixation.However, with time, space, busy clinics and efficiency being demanded by all forms of administration, many surgeons do not follow these patients for that prolonged term. Could this alteration from traditional “best practise “be litigated? 

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