* 1. Please take a moment to participate in our survey. Voice of English-Speaking Québec hopes that its Connect with your City Guide will increase community members' knowledge of our local history, diversity and community heritage while proposing significant and interesting places to explore and discover in our beautiful city.

We would like to have your feedback on a place (or places) of significance to you in the greater Quebec City region that could also be part of your daily life. Please complete this quick survey and let us know your thoughts.

What place or places in the greater Quebec City region are significant to you? ie: (buildings, homes or retail/service outlets, monuments, historic or cultural sites, natural areas, parks or other natural features)- Please be as specific as possible:

* 2. What would you want someone to know about this place (or these places)? Please give specific details, which can include history, memories and experiences:

* 3. Do you have a picture (old or recent) of your significant place that you would like to share with us? (Your name will be credited to the photo if used).  If you do wish to share your photo, identify the place in question and please send it, and your name, to juanita.craig@veq.ca

* 4. Do you authorize VEQ to disclose and publish the information that you have given?

* 5. To what extent do you feel that you are connected with the English-speaking community in the greater Quebec City region?

* 6. After the guide has been distributed, we would like to contact you to evaluate your level of  satisfaction with the project.  Would you mind providing us with your name and email address below?

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