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If you would like to tell us about a specific water quality or flooding issue in your neighborhood, please tell us in the Additional Comments box at the end of the survey.

* 1. In Ocean City, how concerned are you about:

  Not Concerned Somewhat Concerned Very Concerned Critical
Flooding that makes driving around town difficult?
Flooding that keeps people from visiting restaurants and shops?
Flooding that will cause property damage?
Water that is unhealthy for swimmers, fishermen, and boaters?
Water that could be harmful to fish or wildlife?
Litter in the water (ocean/canal)?

* 2. In Ocean City, how important is it to:

  Not Important Somewhat Important Very Important Essential
Keep water clean to promote tourism?
Educate tourists on how to keep the water, beaches, streets etc. clean?
Educate residents on how to keep the water, beaches, streets etc. clean?
Keep water clean so that people can swim, fish, boat, etc.?
Become a “greener town” (including more plants and trees, walk/bike-able, energy efficient buildings)?
Have dedicated money set aside in the town’s budget to improve flooding and water quality problems?

* 3. Are you a:

* 4. Additional Comments:

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