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Kindermusik with Suzanne - Semester 2 Enrollment Form for classes 30th January to 7th June 2019

Welcome to Kindermusik with Suzanne's online enrollment for the Semester 2 classes starting on Wednesday 30th January and continuing through to Friday 7th June 2019 with breaks for school holidays.

Full information about Kindermusik with Suzanne is available on my website at www.kindermusikwithsuzanne.com.
You will be invoiced separately by email after 10th December for your classes when you have been offered a place.  Full details will be on the invoice.

FEES: The fees include classes and all the relevant digital or physical materials (depending on age range). The fees can be paid in full or split into 4 monthly installments. Fees are prorated for families joining part-way through a semester.
The fees for Young Child vary by Semester.
Payment for Semester 2 is due by 11th January 2019 or upon receipt of the invoice if enrolling after 11th January.
Gift Certificates are available. Please email for further information.

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Your personal information:
By necessity this form collects personal information about you, your child and if appropriate, your child's caregiver. Please see our Privacy Policy and General Information and Small Print on the Kindermusik with Suzanne website.
Please contact Miss Suzanne directly if your child has any allergies or other concerns of which the teachers should be aware.