About this survey

This survey is part of a piece of research commissioned by the Department of Premier and Cabinet in order to understand the public's needs and expectations in relation to digital delivery of Tasmanian Government services. The findings are intended to contribute to the future development and delivery of the Tasmanian Government's ICT Strategy.
The Tasmanian Government recognises that digital services never could nor should completely replace the face-to-face delivery of government services, and stresses that doing so is not the objective of this research. What we're interested in is potential opportunities for digital services to be delivered alongside face-to-face services in order to make accessing and engaging with government services a simpler, faster, more convenient experience for Tasmanians.
This survey has been designed following a series consultative workshops run with a total of 80 Tasmanian citizens from a spread of metropolitan, rural and remote locations, and seeks to involve the wider Tasmanian community to validate and prioritise some key themes to come out of these workshops. 
The survey is broken into three short sections and should take less than 5 minutes to complete:
  1. About you
  2. Your interest in potential government services for digitisation
  3. Your preferences for accessing digital government services and support