How to put 'care' back into the community- Social Work Action Network!

This survey is being carried out by Social Work Action Network Ireland- a group of people who work, teach, study and/or use social care or social work services. We share a collective concern that the way in which 'care' is being provided  in social care and social work services in Ireland and abroad is being undermined by welfare cuts, by the stigmatization of service users, by managerialism and by the marketization of care work. As members of SWAN, we position social justice as a central value of social work/care practice. SWAN aims to achieve a social justice model through individual and collective approaches, where we advocate directly with people,  or on their behalf, ultimately aiming to create the conditions where people can gain control over their own lives. The purpose of this survey is to identify the key barriers and gaps in services experienced by users of social care and social work services in Ireland at present, from the perspective of the users themselves, and also those working within the social care/work spheres. This survey also seeks to start a conversation to identify how those interested in working from a social justice perspective might be able to come together collectively through the SWAN movement to promote a social justice agenda in social care/ work in Ireland. We would really appreciate your participation in this survey so that we can begin this process of collective action for social justice. The results of this survey, which will be completely de-identified, will be available in SWAN Ireland's online newsletter- Frontline, which is published bi-annually. We would like to thank you for participating in this survey and encourage you to check out our webpage or facebook page at SocialWork Action NetworkIreland.

* 1. What relationship do you have to social work/ social care services?

* 3. For those using social care and social work services, which services do you use most often?

* 4. How happy are you with how your needs, or the needs of the service users that you are working with/caring for, are being met within the social care/work field?

* 5. Please provide some insight/comment on your feelings in response to question.4

* 6. From your experience, what is the biggest challenge that you've experienced in trying to obtain a service for yourself, or for someone you are working with/caring for?

* 7. For those of you who are unhappy with the services you, or someone you work with/care for have received

  Very important Important Not important No point, feel invisible
how important do you think it is to have your voices heard?

* 8. For those of you who are happy with how services are provided to you, or someone you work with/care for:

  Very important Important Not important why bother, feel invisible
How important do you think it is to have your voice heard?

* 9. In your opinion, how can social care and social work services be improved so that people's needs can be adequately met?

* 10. As a movement that seeks to promote social justice, would you consider becoming a member of SWAN Ireland?