It has been a busy few years at the Akron Area Chamber of Commerce!  We’ve made progress implementing new projects and programs and are excited about the opportunities we have to support area businesses and promote Akron as a great place to live and work in.  We’d like to get input from current, past and potential members of the Akron Chamber to understand why the Chamber is important to your business and what we can do to increase the value we provide to our business community in the future.  All responses will be anonymous. 

* 1. Are you

* 2. What is your Akron Area Chamber of Commerce membership status?

* 3. How important were the following factors in your decision to join the Chamber

  Not important at all Very important
To show support for the Akron business community.
To promote Akron as a positive place to live and work in.
To encourage residents and visitors to shop and do business in Akron.
To support attracting new businesses and entrepreneurs to Akron.
To build connections with other area business owners.
To share ideas and work together to support the Akron community.

* 4. If you are no longer a member, please explain why you did not renew your Chamber membership.

* 5. What can the Akron Area Chamber of Commerce do to provide more value to business members?

* 6. Please rank the value of the following events or activities to the Akron area business community.

  Not valuable at all Very valuable
Discounted sales of Chamber Bucks
Easter basket hunt at businesses
Halloween parade and Trunk or Treat
Summer Flea Markets
Farmers Market
Hometown Christmas and shopping night
Annual Chamber Banquet
Receipt drawings for Chamber Bucks
Thanksgiving ham and turkey drawings and Mid-Sioux donations

* 7. What additional activities would you like to see the Chamber undertake to promote Akron as a community to live and work in?

* 8. What additional activities would you like to see the Chamber undertake to support area business owners and employees? 

* 9. Are there activities that the Chamber should no longer be doing?

* 10. Please provide any other comments, thoughts or suggestions.