1. Introduction

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The State of New York is tasked with investigating ways to improve recycling programs, including programs for several HARD-TO-RECYCLE items such as MERCURY containing WALL THERMOSTATS. We are researching the number and types thermostats that are in existing buildings in the State. The results of this study will be used to improve the design of recycling and disposal programs across New York.

Your building/home is one of a small sample selected to “stand in” for all the buildings / homes in the State of New York, so your help on this survey is VERY important.

It should take approximately 5 MINUTES to complete this survey.
You will then have the option to enter into a drawing for one of SIX $100 GIFT CERTIFICATES to Best Buy or Target, and some Kindles.

Your individual answers will be kept CONFIDENTIAL and will not be used to identify you or your building in any way. You may also sign up to REQUEST A COPY of the results of the survey.
We really need and appreciate your help!

Please help keep mercury out of our environment!

Please help keep mercury out of our environment!

* 1. For which type of location you will be answering?