* 1. Provide your First and Last Name

* 2. What degrees are offered at Malcolm X College? (select all that apply)

* 3. What is a "credit hour" ?

* 4. The role of the college advisor is....(select all that apply)

* 5. If a student does not attend the first week of a course what non-grade designation is assigned by the instructor?

* 6. Who is responsible for adding, withdrawing, and changing a student's class schedule? 

* 7. What online scheduling tool can students access to make an appointment for advising or tutoring?

* 8. If a student's financial aid is not complete can the student attend class?

* 9. Why is it important for a student to regularly check their school email account?

* 10. Shanita, a full-time student, enrolled in 12 credits and uses a U-PASS (Ventra Card).  Several weeks into the semester, she gets a job that conflicts with her class schedule.  Her employer will not work around her class schedule, so she needs to make a choice.  If she withdraws from one of her classes, how could that affect her?

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