Tyrone Bishop

Dear Respondent,

I want to thank you personally for helping me with this questionnaire.

The questionnaire is for Pilots, Air Traffic Controllers and Ground Crew who use English to talk over the radio and takes around 4 minutes to complete.

The purpose of this questionnaire is to investigate perceptions of aviation professionals from all over the world who use English to communicate over the radio.

Your responses to this questionnaire will help to see if we can improve aviation communications so it is very important.

The results will be published in a PhD Thesis and will be available from the University of Leicester. The answers you give in this questionnaire will not be used in any manner which will allow identification of your individual responses.

Anonymised research data will be archived at Leicester University in order to make them available to other researchers in line with current data sharing practices.

Please be advised that I have chosen to use the terms native and non-native speaker as the majority of people seem to be more familiar with these terms. This is a very complex area so I hope you don't mind, it does NOT mean that one speaker is any better or worse than another.

Please feel free to contact me using the details below if you would like more information.

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I am happy to continue with this questionnaire.