* 1. Please tell me your first and last name.

* 2. Please tell me the names of your group members.

* 3. Please answer the following questions based on the 4 point scale

  4.0 I really agree or My group did this extremely well. 3.0 I agree or My group did a good job at this. 2.0 I'm not sure or My group could do better at this. 1.0 I disagree or My group did a bad job at this. 0.0 I strongly disagree or my group did a horrible job.
1. My group worked diligently to get the project completed on time.
2. My group worked well together.
3. Everyone in my group did their fair share of the work.
4. I am happy with what my group's finished product.
5. My group completed the entire project.
6. My group video taped in a timely manner.
7. My group divided up the assignment so that no one felt overwhelmed.
8. My group used class time wisely.
9. My video has a balance of facts(research) and opinions(interviews, surveys).
10. I would work with my group again.

* 4. Please answer the following questions concerning your learning during this project.

  4.0 Very well/Completely Agree 3.0 Well/Agree 2.0 As well as can be expected/Agree with reservations 1.0 Not Well/Disagree 0.0 Not Well at all/ Completely Disagree
I used my time wisely.
I respected the rules of taping outside of class.
I respected the materials I used (such as video equipment, microphones and computers) while completing this project.
I created and followed a plan sheet while creating the final project.
I chose a guiding questions with which to direct the information I included in the documentary.
I was thoughtful in choosing my contents so I knew exactly what I wanted to tape and where I wanted to tape and who I wanted to tape.
I followed the guidelines set forth by the project directions.
I could complete this project on my own if I needed to.
My work was completed and turned in by the Tuesday deadline (01/17/12).
I am proud of the product that I created.
I worked to the best of my potential.
I worked hard to go above the expectations.
Overall, I did an excellent job on this project.

* 5. Please tell me anything else you would like to share about this project, your contributions, or your group that would be helpful to assess your Work Habits.