Thank you for volunteering with Ronald McDonald House Charities of Oregon and Southwest Washington (RMHC). Please take a few minutes to complete this survey and let us know about your volunteer experience. Your input is very important to us and will help us provide a quality experience for all of our volunteers.

* 1. Please fill out the following:

* 2. To what extent do you agree or disagree with the following statements? (Mark the corresponding circle) 5=Strongly Agree / 4=Agree / 3=Neutral / 2=Disagree / 1=Strongly Disagree

  5 4 3 2 1
The staff and families appreciate the services that I provide
I feel welcome and appreciated by staff
In the last year I have received recognition or thanks for being a volunteer
I understand the importance of the work that I perform for the organization
The staff make me feel that my role is important and valuable
In the last year, I have had opportunities to learn and grow as a volunteer
I am satisfied with the variety of volunteer opportunities offered
I have been kept informed about what is going on with the organization
I have the support and guidance I need to accomplish my volunteer activities
My volunteer job gives me a sense of accomplishment
I would like to explore additional/different volunteer responsibilities at RMHC
If given the opportunity, I would be interested in taking a leadership role with this organization. If so, please ensure you provide your name on this survey or reach out to

* 3. How well were your volunteer positions and responsibilities explained to you?

* 4. After your training, how prepared did you feel to meet the responsibilities of your position?

* 5. How well do you feel you have been able to fulfill your volunteer responsibilities?

* 6. Do you feel our volunteer program is well organized (clear goals, job description training, etc)?

* 7. Do you feel you are receiving adequate support and guidance from the staff?

* 8. Do you feel you are provided adequate resources to accomplish your tasks?

* 9. Would you recommend that your friends or family members volunteer with this organization?

* 10. Overall, are you satisfied with your volunteer experience?

* 11. Why do you (or your group) volunteer at Ronald McDonald House Charities?

* 12. List 3 things we can improve to make your volunteer experience more enjoyable. If you are part of a group volunteer experience, what can we do differently to ensure we have more groups volunteering?

* 13. What can we do to be more supportive to you in accomplishing your work?

* 14. What do you enjoy most about volunteering with this agency?

* 15. Is there a need or gap in service you have noticed that might have potential for additional volunteer support?

* 16. How would you like to be recognized for your service?

* 17. How would you like RMHC to communicate to you about opportunities and/or organizational news?

* 18. Additional comments: