North Creek scoping study community survey

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* 1. What is your age? (optional)

* 2. What is your gender? (optional)

* 4. Are you a member of any groups? (Fishing groups, environmental groups, community groups, Landcare, Rotary, etc.)

* 5. Do you have a particular interest in a specific area of the North Creek catchment, if so what area?

* 6. Within the North Creek catchment, how important is each of the following values to you?

  Not at all important (1) (2) (3) (4) Very important (5)
Oysters (aquaculture)
Native vegetation
Scenic values

* 7. What are the top 5 threats to the health of the North Creek catchment?

* 8. Could you give us a short explanation of why they are a threat?

* 9. What changes (positive or negative) have you seen in the catchment over time?

* 10. What positive initiatives have you seen within the catchment in recent years?

* 11. What changes would you like to see in the catchment?

* 12. How involved would you like to be in the development of the North Creek Catchment Management Plan?

* 13. If you wish to be informed please provide your contact details