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This form allows you to propose a case study to be featured in the forthcoming report on ‘The Role of Culture in Climate Resilient Development: Strategies for Strengthening Sustainable Development While Promoting Climate Adaptation and Mitigation.’ This report is being published by the United Cities and Local Governments Culture Committee in partnership with the Climate Heritage Network's Working Group 5.

There are multiple ways to pursue transformative climate action, which is increasingly understood as actions that aim to limit global warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels while responding to the impacts of such warming. Of the 1.5C pathways that exist, some simultaneously achieve sustainable development. Generally speaking, these are pathways that include climate mitigation and adaptation responses that also support poverty alleviation, food security, healthy ecosystems, equality and other dimensions of sustainable development.  Such pathways are known as Climate Resilient Development Pathways (CRDPs).

The report will address the role of arts, culture and heritage in supporting CRDPs. The paper will also address trade-offs between climate action and the safeguarding/promotion of culture.

Increasingly, the world cannot afford divergent ‘sustainable development’ and ‘climate action’ agendas but rather these two must be fully integrated. The forthcoming Report, and the case studies included therein, will provide groundbreaking policy evidence for the role culture and heritage can play in the integrated climate resilient development agenda. Your contribution to this process is greatly appreciated. 

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