International Friendship Program

The International Friendship Program is open to the university community i.e. student/staff/faculty/administrators. The main goal of this program is to provide an opportunity for international students to gain a greater understanding and appreciation of the American (Scranton) culture through direct/personal experiences with the university community. As a host or friend, our hope is that you will be enriched through this interaction with the international student/s. We will appreciate a response by October 21. If you have any questions, please contact Ms Huey Shi Chew, Director of International Student and Scholar Services at X7575 or Thank you.

* 1. What is your full name? ( first/last name)

* 2. At the university, I am a

* 3. How would you like to participate in this Friendship program?

* 4. What is the best way to contact you ? Please provide the contact information below.