1. Thanks for participating in this survey. Your responses to this survey are very important to me as we assess what we are doing well and what we can do better. Listed below are some responsibilities of coaching about which we’d like to gather some feedback. Please select the statement that best reflects your experience in the program. Before we begin, to ensure that only student athletes that participated on this team complete the survey, I need you to type your name below. Your coach will never see your name, but your coach will be able to see all of your responses as part of his/her post-season evaluation. Thanks - Mr. McDonald.

2. Coaching Responsibility - Individual and Team Goal Setting and Reinforcement.

3. Coaching Responsibility - Creating a Positive/Open Environment and a Process for Communication.

4. Coaching Responsibility - Caring about Athletes as People and their Life outside of the Sport.

5. Coaching Responsibility - Communicating Expectations and Logistical Information about the Season.

6. Coaching Responsibility - Provide Positive Feedback and Constructive Criticism.

7. Coaching Responsibility - Provide Instruction and Teaching of Skills.

8. Coaching Responsibility - Communicating my Role on the Team, Whether I Liked it or Not.

9. Coaching Responsibility - Knowledgeable regarding Fundamentals, Techniques, Best Practices and Strategy.

10. Coaching Responsibility - Practice Planning and Organization.

11. Thanks for taking the time to participate in the survey. Your responses are very important to me. If there are any additional comments you want to share with me and your coach, please type them in the box below. Thanks again - Mr. McDonald.