* 1. Please provide your contact information.

* 2. Have you read the overview document that explains the role of a CO9to25 Community Connector? Do you feel like you have a clear understanding of the role and associated expectations and opportunities? What questions do you have? 

* 3. You may define the geographical community that you represent as a Community Connector -- this could be a city, town, county, region depending on what's appropriate for your role, connections, and influence. What is the geographical community that you plan to represent as a Community Connector  (i.e. name of town/county/region)?

* 4. Please describe your role in your community and how you will use your role to connect CO9to25 and your community. What official or informal positions do you hold that connect you to youth-related collaborative efforts in your community?

* 5. Please describe your interest in being a CO9to25 Community Connector. What do you hope to gain from the role and what do you hope to contribute?

* 6. How did you hear about CO9to25 Community Connectors?

* 7. To inform scheduling, please provide the time(s) of day that are generally best for you to participant in the quarterly phone call/webinar?