ACT Planting Projects

The Arbor Day Foundation wants to help find funding for a tree planting in your community. This proposal to us is no guarantee of funding, but rather an opportunity to submit a project that will make a difference in your community.
We are actively seeking funding for planting projects around the country, and we want to hear about the impact you can make this fall. Funding for these Alliance for Community Trees projects can be no more than $15,000 per project, so please provide information around that budget. Please put sincere focus on the impact story section below. Try focusing on what issue your planting will tackle: urban heat island effect, natural disaster restoration, low- and moderate-income neighborhoods, water quality, air pollution, etc. The better we can communicate the need and story in your community, the better chance we have at finding a funding partner.
Here are the parameters for the event:
  • Fall or Spring timeline (or when your planting season is)
  • Please include October NeighborWoods events you need funded
  • Half Day project 
  • Provide water and snack (granola bars, fruit, or something similar)
  • Provide all training and planting support, including all equipment, tools, and supplies (stakes, ties, mulch, etc.)

To be considered for planting event funding, please fill out the information on the next two pages to provide a potential project that you could execute within the budget parameters given for no more than $15,000. 

Have more than one project? Feel free to submit this survey multiple times.

Deadline: There is no set deadline for when to submit your applications, but the sooner we received them, the more time our sales team will have to sell them, and the more likely we will be able to find funding for your project. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to Mary Sweeney at 402-473-2034 or