New England Network for Personalization and Performance (NENPP) Student Survey

As part of an effort to personalize your academic experience, we are interested in learning if you believe you have the option to choose the subject matter that interests you and are able to demonstrate your learning in a variety of ways. Please take a moment to rate your level of agreement with each of the statements below.

All information provided in this survey is confidential and anonymous. Your answers and input are important to us, and will help us plan educational programs that support your success!

* 1. I have the opportunity to engage in personalized learning experiences, selecting areas that I am interested in.

* 2. I am confident that my school will prepare me for further education (two or four year college, or trade school), or a career.

* 3. I have had the opportunity to engage in a real-world learning project - a project I designed that spanned multiple subject areas, included working in the community, or was somehow non-traditional.

* 4. I have participated in an authentic assessment, a project or assignment in which I was able to showcase both knowledge and skills in a relevant, meaningful situation.

* 5. I feel that I have a powerful voice in influencing decisions, either school-wide or classroom-based, at my school.