1. Partner with GRACE and host a live patient forum!

Are you a local healthcare facility, hospital or cancer center?
Do you have space to host a form?
GRACE would love to work with you!

We are looking for event space to host educational events to live stream on the GRACE website!  With GRACE's Venue Partner Program, host an event at your facility with knowledge, local experts and GRACE community members. 

Here's How it Works:

Host a GRACE forum at your space for no cost. The forum will be run by either a GRACE Director or one of our local experts with topics encompassing the cancer community.  We'll promote your venue to thousands of GRACE community members your area.

If you are selected for our Venue Program:

You will have the opportunity to give a short talk about your venue and distribute flyers, brochures, coupons, etc. to all of our community attendees.
You can even invite your existing patients and caregivers to our event.

Tell us a little bit about your location by taking this survey. If your venue is a good fit for the program, we will contact you with further details!

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