Greeley is full of great people and great potential. That means unique, fun, creative, smart, talented, strong, witty and award-winning residents—so let’s tell everybody about them!

We know that when people visit and get to know Greeley, they’re pleasantly surprised by what they find. The plan is to launch a campaign this year that gives people a taste of what others find so surprising.

Did you know we have a multi-award winning Science Fiction writer in our midst or that we have the longest running Philharmonic Orchestra in the Rocky Mountain region or that we have the creator of Hollywood horror monsters and props right here in Greeley? People are surprised to learn this and much more. So our campaign and a new website will focus on some of these unexpected aspects, particularly the Greeley people associated with them.

We would like your help. Tell us who and what you think are the positive, fun, interesting people and things in Greeley that many people would find surprising. Please take a few minutes, brainstorm with your friends, family and coworkers, and give us your ideas in the box below.

* 1. Who and What are unexpected about Greeley?

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