Dear Neighbors,

We are excited about the launch of our community garden at Bruce-Monroe Park this Spring and hope you are ready to get involved! This is a great chance to experience urban farming; grow vegetables, fruits, and herbs for your family; and get your hands dirty in the cleanest idea of 2011. We want to make the most of our city’s green and open spaces in our neighborhood, and want to meet you. Please fill out the form below to help us finalize plans for the garden -- design, find out how you can help, garden plot assignments, and stay in touch.

Garden construction days:

June 25 & 26 (9 am - 1 pm)

* 1. How many ADULTS in your household would like to garden/participate?

* 2. How many CHILDREN in your household would like to garden/ participate?

* 3. I want a plot to garden! What size plot can you/ would you like to manage?

* 4. Get involved in education activities - learning is forever! (check all that apply):

* 5. I want to help build the garden and I have skills and materials to share!

* 6. We may have workshops specifically for DC kids and youth to get involved in urban farming. Would you or your kids attend?

* 7. If there are workshops, when should we hold them?

* 8. I don’t have time to get involved, but would like to help out our community with a "NON-TAX DEDUCTABLE" donation in the amount of:

* 9. Please provide your contact information to stay in contact and receive alerts of upcoming activities. Note: joining the listserv may be the easiest way to do so, but other forms of contact are possible too.