Pre-Publishing Services for Indie Authors Survey

The purpose of this survey is to learn more about the pre-publishing needs of self-publishing authors. The collected information will be used to help develop a new creative development business for self-publishing authors. 

This survey should take about three minutes to complete. Your time and opinions are greatly appreciated. Thank you! 

* 1. How old are you? 

* 2. Have you previously published a novel? 

* 3. Which route are you taking to publish your books?

* 4. How much did you spend (or are you planning to spend) on pre-publishing services, such as editing, cover design, website design, and marketing or platform development?

* 5. Which pre-publishing services did you use for your last book, or will you be using for the next?

* 6. What do you look for when choosing a pre-publishing service provider for your book?

* 7. What would you most like to see from an Indie author resource website?

* 8. How likely are you to use a service that allows you to create your own team of pre-publishing service vendors to support the publication and launch of your next novel?

* 9. Additional Comments: