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* 1. Personal Information

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* 2. Are you a parent or guardian of a child (of any age) with disabilities and/or special health needs?

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* 3. Why do you feel it is important for you to attend this conference?

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* 4. How much aid would you need in order to be able to attend our conference?

The Early Bird Fee is $70 through Feb 15th and the Regular Fee is $80 after that date. This fee covers the cost of food and the three required text books for the training. We want you to attend without it being a financial burden, so look at the categories below and request what you would need.

Please note that our scholarship funds are limited, so the further we are able to stretch them, the more families are able to attend this educational and networking opportunity.

We are asking families who are recipients of scholarships to please consider writing a testimonial for the conference.  Once the conference is over we will email you and ask that you send us a statement that we can use in future marketing.

Please do not register for the conference at this time. Once approved, you will be contacted by a VFN staff member with a code that will allow you to register at a reduced rate. Thank you so much!  Feel free to contact Rachel Boyers at or 802-391-9598 with any questions.