1. Introduction

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The Health Quality & Safety Commission (the Commission) is seeking feedback on the draft paper ‘A Framework for Quality Improvement and Patient Safety capability and leadership building for the New Zealand Health System’. This discussion paper has arisen in response to a need identified by the sector and has been developed with input from an expert advisory group.

The framework describes the capabilities and leadership required for quality improvement and patient safety for everyone in health care, from the consumer and frontline staff, to boards and senior executives. The consultation process aims to determine:

·   If the framework clearly describes the capabilities for quality improvement and patient safety for the various roles described
·   Whether it will support the further development of capability in quality and safety capabilities, by establishing clear expectations across the broadly defined health care roles.
·   Whether it will support organisations to  identify education and training needs

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The survey will close on September 25, 2015.

Outcome of the feedback process

The results of this process will be used to further refine this draft framework with our expert advisory group. Once it has been finalised, the framework will be published on the Commission’s website.