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Welcome to our survey on Project Management software. This research is being conducted by SoftwareShortlist.com in preparation for the launch of a free recommendation and comparison service for project management software. Your feedback will be used to calibrate the recommendations made to prospective purchasers of project management software, so that others can benefit from your experience. You can also opt to receive a summary of the research findings.

* 1. Have you ever used Project Management software of any variety? This includes any software with functionality relating to defining project tasks, assigning them to users, tracking progress, collaborating on a task, etc. Please select all options that apply.

* 2. Which industry do you mostly operate in?

* 3. Which best describes your role when it comes to Project Management software? (NB: If you have never used project management software, what is your role regarding software?)

* 4. Do you work for a software vendor that offers Project Management products? (hey, we have to ask!)